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Passionate and seasoned design leader with 10+ years hands-on experience in creating and delivering design strategies for high profile companies, building and managing high quality designers, and shipping delightful digital experiences for business and customers. 


Senior product designer with 8 years hands-on experience covering new product development, lean startup, innovation, and strategy. I have mentored and guided product and design teams, helped leading companies creating, driving, and scaling new products and am skilled at negotiating at the executive level. Improving peoples lifes through the tools given in my hand is my personal mission.

Techniques and Methods

I always carry with me a toolkit with the right techniques and methods, in both research and design. This enables me to be flexible and always provide you with the best possible outcome. Since there are more techniques and methods than stars in the sky, I'm always curious to learn about new ways to get to the goal.

Research & Evaluation

Usability Testing 
A/B Testing
Contextual Inquiry 
Diary Studies 
Experience Sampling 
Card sorting 


Paper Prototyping
High FidelityPrototyping
Information Architecture
Information Design

Product & Strategy

Business Model Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
16x Services Framework
Empathy Maps
Three Horizons
Hypothesis Driven Product Development

My work & achievements



Design Team Lead

August 2021 – June 2022 • Munich, Germany

  • Leading design in the customer world (Leadership Principles ›)

    • Leading and coaching a team of three mid to senior UX designers and a researcher, helping them with personal development, and nurturing a culture of trust and safety.

    • Strategic guidance with the heads of product and engineering for a cross-functional team of 50+ across three different locations in three teams, ensuring a customer-centric view.

    • 🏆 Created a clear vision and defined ways of working for the customer world

  • Car Subscriptions Journey ›

    • Initiated, coordinated, and communicated the car subscriptions discovery
      Ensured regular playback sessions, alignments with stakeholder management, and deliverable of actionable outcomes.

    • 🏆 Delivered a holistic end2end view of the car subscriptions journey including pain points and opportunities

  • Translation and Localization Lead for EU Release

    • Coordinated german and french UX writers, managed communication up to 10 product teams as well as senior leadership

    • 🏆 Ensured all content (~ 21.000 words) in the main flow is translated and localized correctly for the release in DE & FR



Senior Product Designer

June 2018 – Juni 2021 • Munich, Germany

  • Sales Accelerator

    • Created a solution to deliver mid and big sized dealerships quantitative information about their stock on AS24, managed international product and commercial stakeholders

    • 🏆 Delivered an MVP to Belgian and Italian dealerships which helped drive sales 

  • UX Metrics

    • Initiated and drove the first version of a framework to measure the user experience at the consumer side, persuaded senior leaders through storytelling, advocated for a UX metrics framework

    • 🏆 Created, build and delivered a first draft of the UX metrics framework

  • Detail Page

    • Initiated, drove, and lead the redesign of the detail page, ran card sorts, facilitated design workshops, managed stakeholders through storytelling, represented the initiative

    • 🏆 Facilitated the design foundation for the new detail page

  • Online Car Sales

    • Achieve real online car transactions for our dealers on and through the AutoScout24 platform.

    • Lead extensive qualitative and quantitative research efforts, analyzed data to get buy-in from stakeholders, effectively drove conversations with stakeholders and cross-functional partners, created and delivered high fidelity designs.

    • 🏆 Successfully rolled out to the European market with 2 million listings, boosting lead2sale conversion rate of our dealers by 200%, increased Satisfaction of buyers to 4,3 of 5 and dealers to 3,7 of 5.

  • Dealer Journey

    • Make the dealership lifecycle visible and achieve a common understanding among stakeholders on dealerships ops and challenges.

    • Collaborated with User Research and UX across, scheduled and executed interviews, effectively facilitated conversations with stakeholders and cross-functional partners, inspired people to deliver high-quality information designs.

    • 🏆 Create, present and communicate results of the journey to all product teams in the organization overall over 80 pax.



Bosch Security Systems

Lead User Experience Designer

November 2015 – May 2018 • Munich, Germany

  • In-Store Analytics

    • Built and iterated on In-Store Analytics SaaS

    • Lead international and qualitative research efforts, created alignments between stakeholders, delivered high-quality visual and interaction experiences

  • Endeavour

    • Redefined how security management systems should work in big sites.

    • Designed and lead the creation of a working MVP for alpha customers, planned and conducted qualitative international field in corporation with sales, facilitated alignment workshops with other stakeholders to drive product decisions, created high-quality visual and interaction experiences.

  • UX Champion

    • Advocated for user-centric product development across the organization

    • Lead and facilitated workshops with stakeholders from various teams, created prototypes, convinced other stakeholders to invest more in prototyping and testing



User Experience Designer

October 2013 – October 2015 • Munich, Germany

  • Deliver high-quality visual and interaction designs and experiences and make sure implementation happens as planned with devs
  • Collaborate tightly with User Research, Analytics, Product Management, Content Strategy, other key disciplines in Online Transaction and across AutoScout24.
  • 🏆 Successfully rolled out a new brand and a new checkout funnel with an improvement of 19%

My education


Master: Communication Planning and Design, University for Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd

October 2007 – July 2012 • Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

In the Enertrag PowerSystem, a special operational management software, dispatchers work on interferences of wind turbines. In our master thesis we create analyzed their workflow, talked to the dispatchers, and created a new concept how they work.


Exchange: Interface & Corporate Design, 東京造形大学, Tokyo Zokei University

April 2010 – August 2010 • Tokyo, Japan

During my time in Japan I was attending interaction and communication design courses in university courses. Mostly I learned through Japanese culture: the attention to detail, the technical advancements, the way food is prepared. Many of these things shaped my future me.


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