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Asaad El Salawi

Me in short

Senior product designer with 8 years hands-on experience covering new product development, lean startup, innovation, and strategy. 

I have mentored and guided product and design teams, helped leading companies creating, driving, and scaling new products and am skilled at negotiating at the executive level. 

Improving peoples lifes through the tools given in my hand is my personal mission.

Techniques and Methods

I always carry with me a toolkit with the right techniques and methods, in both research and design. This enables me to be flexible and always provide you with the best possible outcome. Since there are more techniques and methods than stars in the sky, I'm always curious to learn about new ways to get to the goal.

Research & Evaluation

Usability Testing 
A/B Testing
Contextual Inquiry 
Diary Studies 
Experience Sampling 
Card sorting 


Paper Prototyping
High FidelityPrototyping
Information Architecture
Information Design

Where I worked


Senior User Experience Designer, AutoScout24

June 2018 – present • Munich, Germany

I’m supporting the customer segment to become more user-centric and build products, which are of benefit for dealerships in Europe, and lately also for the end-consumers. Co-built interdisciplinary teams through hiring. Some notable topics are:

  • Online Transaction
    Building and scaling AutoScout24’s first platform for car online buying, the first checkout and after sales experience in particular. With a number of sales and an increase of positive feedback and approval from our buyers and dealers, we are at the forefront of a new innovative business.
  • Dealer Journey
    I initiatived the first hollistic overview of the dealership lifecycle. This give my colleagues a detailled understanding of the processes, pains, and gains of our dealerships. This task included planning, scheduling, and executing multiple internships at the dealers as well as deriving and quantifying the most important insights. Finnally we successfully communicated it to all product teams in the organization.

Senior User Experience Designer, Bosch Security Systems

November 2015 – May 2018 • Munich, Germany

My overall goal was to help a traditional company look through a user-centric lens. Amongst my responsibilities I was working on a new innovative security management system to observe and secure big sites as well as an In-Store analytics solution to track the routes and behaviors of buyers. For both products I was leading the conception, all user research activities, and the facilitation of ideation workshops with different stakeholders.


User Experience Designer, Skoobe

October 2013 – October 2015 • Munich, Germany

We were the bridge between the user and our service. We covered the whole journey from building landing pages for interested people, explaining the product to and converting them, until they became members. My responsibilities lied in the successful conception, implementation, and release of a new corporate design which lead to much higher positive attention. In addition, we worked on a new checkout funnel which brought a 20% increase in conversions. When I left we had 30.000 happy readers.

Where I learned


Master: Communication Planning and Design, University for Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd

October 2007 – July 2012 • Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

In the Enertrag PowerSystem, a special operational management software, dispatchers work on interferences of wind turbines. In our master thesis we create analyzed their workflow, talked to the dispatchers, and created a new concept how they work.


Exchange: Interface & Corporate Design, 東京造形大学, Tokyo Zokei University

April 2010 – August 2010 • Tokyo, Japan

During my time in Japan I was attending interaction and communication design courses in university courses. Mostly I learned through Japanese culture: the attention to detail, the technical advancements, the way food is prepared. Many of these things shaped my future me.


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